Student Council

ACLT’s Student Council was formed in 2014, to represent the increasing population of trainee Costs Lawyers in the development activities of ACLT and the Association.  

The Student Council is responsible for representing the voice of trainee Costs Lawyers in respect of their own learning and student experience. The Student Council also has a wider remit of contributing to the future of the ACL by representing the student body on issues relating to education, public relations and policy.

The Student Council also acts as part of the quality assurance process and assists ACLT in the process of shaping the student learning experience.


There are three primary responsibilities of the ACLT Student Council;

  1. To represent the interests of the ACL student body (ACL trainee members) to the management board of ACL Training (ACLT)
  2. To work with the management board of ACLT to monitor and feedback on the quality of study programmes, student opinions and satisfaction, and support from ACLT and ACL
  3. To encourage and facilitate communications within the student body, such as online groups and social/networking events, in support of the management team at ACLT

 There are three primary methods of achieving the above;

  1. Being contactable by student members at to respond to queries, requests etc
  2. Engaging with the student body by way of social media, forum polls and feedback opportunities etc
  3. Organising various networking/social events for students.

Sub Committees

There are three sub committees within the ACLT Student Council;

  • Policy committee;
  • Education committee and;
  • PR & marketing

Each sub-committee has its own of objectives;

 Policy Committee Objectives:

  1. To represent the student voice of ACLT members in the building and shaping policy decisions which affect the profession.

 Education Committee Objectives:

  1. To represent the interests of students in ACLT decision processes and policy decisions
  2. To gather and process feedback on examination and general education issues and to work collaboratively with the ACLT management board.

 PR & Marketing Committee Objectives:

  1. To generate interest in the profession from potential future students from all walks of life.
  2. To promote the profession as an alternative legal profession to young people, graduates etc.
  3. To organise regional social/networking events for students.