Benefits of using the ACL Mediation Service

The benefits of mediating and settling disputes quickly for paying and receiving parties have been long established. They include:

  • Certainty;
  • Reduced legal costs;
  • Shorter claim life cycle;
  • Confidentiality.

There are also significant benefits for costs lawyers who use mediation and other forms of ADR to settle their clients’ cases quickly and cost effectively.

Improved KPIs

Mediation can shorten the life cycle of cases by avoiding lengthy waits for assessment hearings.

Costs can be reduced even when taking into account the mediator’s fee. For example the fee for a three hour mediation of a bill valued at between £100,000 and £150,000 would be less than the court fee for filing a request for detailed assessment.

Improve Performance Standards

Settling more complex matters at mediation frees valuable resources for meeting client performance standards on more routine work.

Avoid write-offs

Settling cases avoids writing off unrecoverable time or travel expenses from attending hearings.

Improve Cash Flow

Where final bill payments are linked to case settlement early resolution will improve company cash flow.