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13 December 2017

Fast-track and no further: Costs Lawyers’ verdict on Jackson fixed costs reforms

The government should curb Lord Justice Jackson’s recommendation to expand the use of fixed recoverable costs, limiting them only to the fast-track, according to the survey of Costs Lawyers carried out at the National Conference. Some... view

13 December 2017

Full costs awarded after “hopeless” challenge to Conservative-DUP deal

The recent legal challenge to the agreement struck by the Conservative Party and the Democratic Unionist Party was so “hopeless” that the government was awarded the costs of attending the oral permission hearing. A successful re... view

13 December 2017

Tribunal rejects multiple challenges to summary assessment at preliminary hearing

The Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has rejected the argument of a defendant unsuccessful in pursuing a preliminary issue that the costs of the hearing should be left until the end of the case. It backed a 2014 decision of Mr Justice Nuge... view

06 December 2017

ACL urges CLSB to reverse decision to suspend Costs Lawyer qualification

The Costs Lawyer Standards Board has not committed to replying to a letter from the ACL Council calling on the regulator to reverse its recent statement that it was suspending further intake on to the Costs Lawyer qualification in light of falli... view

06 December 2017

CA: Transfer of pre-LASPO CFA a novation but success fee still recoverable

The transfer of a conditional fee agreement (CFA) from one law firm to another that occurred before 1 April 2013 but where the client only consented to it afterwards led to a novation but the new solicitor could still recover the success fee, th... view