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21 June 2018

ACL lays out objections to CLSB’s plan for radical training reform

The Costs Lawyer Standards Board’s (CLSB) proposals to introduce a Costs Lawyer Competence Test (CLCT) as the route to qualification have been strongly opposed by the ACL in their current form. Responding to the CLSB’s consultat... view

21 June 2018

CFA that named wrong defendant still valid because of context at time it was signed

A conditional fee agreement (CFA) that named the wrong defendant was still valid because the context was more important than the actual text, the Court of Appeal has ruled. Malone v Birmingham Community NHS Trust [2018] EWCA Civ 1376 concer... view

21 June 2018

Yet another file challenge fails as master looks ahead to “definitive guidance”

The High Court is set to provide definitive guidance on how the Senior Courts Costs Office (SCCO) should respond to the “many delivery-up applications currently being received” by former clients investigating whether to challenge ded... view

14 June 2018

Judge allows defendant’s acceptance of £950 part 36 offer after claim value increased to £125k

A claimant that left a £950 part 36 offer open has failed to overturn the defendant’s eventual acceptance of it after the claimant had increased the claim to £125,000. The details of Hogg v Newton, decided last month by Hi... view

14 June 2018

Losing party that claimed payment on account would stifle appeal loses bid for stay

The High Court has rejected an application to stay an order for payment on account of costs from an unsuccessful claimant who argued that he would not be able to pursue an appeal without one. Hincks v Sense Network Ltd (Costs) [2018] E... view