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12 July 2018

Costs judge awarded right hourly rates even though he got the test wrong, says High Court

A costs judge made the right decision in reducing the hourly rates of a claimant’s solicitor but got there the wrong way, the High Court has ruled. Mr Justice Goss found that, although the claimant technically succeeded in their appea... view

12 July 2018

Proportionality 1: Notional value of claim not key when money is not the point

It is inappropriate to assess the proportionality of costs only by reference to a notional financial value when money is not the point of the claim, a costs judge has emphasised. Master Leonard also said that it was hard for one party to ar... view

12 July 2018

Proportionality 2: Costs can be higher than damages, says Master Gordon-Saker

The proportionality test does not prevent the recovery of costs that are higher than the sums at issue in litigation, the Senior Costs Judge has ruled in allowing such a recovery by celebrities awarded damages in the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN... view

05 July 2018

News in brief - 05.07.2017

TPC holds off on costs cap for property cases The Tribunal Procedure Committee (TPC) has decided not to take forward the idea of placing a cap on costs recoverable in leasehold and residential property cases under the “unreasonable be... view

05 July 2018

Senior Costs Judge says time is right for review of Solicitors Act’s costs provisions

It is time to review the remuneration provisions of the Solicitors Act 1974, the Senior Costs Judge said last week. In a wide-ranging speech, Master Gordon-Saker (pictured) also called for a broad extension of qualified one-way costs shifti... view