Panel Mediators

Peter Hurst

Peter was Senior Costs Judge at the Royal Courts of Justice, from 1992 to 2014 and was an Assessor to Lord Justice Jackson’s Review of Costs.  He was also Judicial Taxing Officer of the House of Lords from 2002 to 2009 and of the United Kingdom Supreme Court from 2009 to 2014 and also of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council from 2002 to 2014. He sat as a costs judge in the SCCO and as a recorder in civil and criminal matters, including costs appeals from District Judges. He sat as an assessor with High Court Judges dealing with numerous costs appeals. He was invited to sit with the Court of Appeal as an assessor when that Court was dealing with difficult or complex costs appeals.

Peter became an accredited mediator in 2014.

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Philip Hesketh

Philip is a full time mediator and former solicitor. He has acted as lead mediator £1 million plus costs disputes and has a wealth of experience in mediating other money disputes.

Philip has written on mediation for the Costs Lawyer Magazine and in many industry publications. He provides CPD training for litigators on mediation advocacy and negotiation in house.

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Tim Wallis

Tim is an independent mediator with a successful mediation career spanning two decades, offering a formidable combination of mediation, litigation and costs experience.

Tim is on the Editorial Advisory Board of “The Jackson ADR Handbook” and a member of the Civil Justice Council’s Online Dispute Resolution Advisory Group. He worked with Frances McCarthy for the Civil Justice Council in mediating, over several years, many industry agreements on personal injury costs.

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Claire Green

Claire Green is an accredited Mediator, a Costs Lawyer and a council member of the Association of Costs Lawyers. Claire sits on the steering committee developing the new bill format.

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Alison Speight

Alison is a Costs Lawyer and member of the Association of Costs Lawyers. She is managing partner at CC Law Ltd.

Alison is an accredited Mediator.

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Donal Moran

Donal is a specialist Costs Lawyer and Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator with his own successful West End practice.  He has conducted and successfully concluded mediations in several inter partes and solicitor client legal costs matters.  In addition he has experience in trade mark infringements and contract dispute mediations. 

Donal’s extensive legal costs experience, which touches upon wide ranging aspects of the law, has proven to him that all civil matters and particularly legal costs disputes can and often should be resolved through mediation. He is a member of the Association of Costs Lawyers.

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Brian Dawson

Brian is an accredited Mediator and Senior Partner at Walker Smith & Way Ltd.  He was shortlisted for Mediation Achiever of the Year in both 2011 and 2012, in Personal Injury. 

Brian’s interest in costs goes back to 1999 helping various Trade Unions to set up Collective Conditional Fee Agreements. As a Deputy District Judge, Brian has dealt with costs and costs and case management from a judicial perspective. He has regularly provided training on costs issues.

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Frances McCarthy

Frances is an accredited Mediator and Managing Partner and Head of Personal Injury at Pattinson & Brewer.

Frances working jointly with Tim Wallis mediated various costs issues at the request of the Civil Justice Council including the levels of success fees to be claimed in personal injury cases. Frances is a contributor to the Brown Book Civil Procedure Rules and former editorial board member of the 'Journal for Personal Injury Law'.

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