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13 December 2017

ACL members want fixed recoverable costs plan curbed

By Mark Dugdale The UK government should curb Lord Rupert Justice Jackson’s recommendation to expand the use of fixed recoverable costs, limiting them only to the fast-track, according to an Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL) survey.&... view

11 December 2017

Costs lawyers fear fixed fees but feel they can weather Jackson storm

By John Hyde Costs lawyers remain confident they can ride out the proposed Jackson reforms - despite the plans being cited as a key factor behind the closure of one leading firm. A survey of Association of Costs Lawyers members, conduc... view

30 November 2017

Harrison v Eversheds: how much should the client pay?

Am I being overcharged? That is the question that many business and private clients are now asking. There is an increasing demand for advice from costs lawyers, solicitors and barristers specialising in costs law, with the aim, in this time of a... view

17 November 2017

Costs budgeting: A risky business

Trivial, serious or significant? Francis Kendall reviews excuses for breaches and shares the consequences If parties and their lawyers have learnt just one thing about costs budgeting by now, you would have hoped that it is the importance o... view

07 November 2017

Quids in. Getting money in the kitty the easy way

Quids in.  Getting money in the kitty the easy way David Cooper recounts an ideal costs scenario It is often said that we are not just ‘lawyers’ but also businesspeople. It is essential for the business to have good ca... view