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08 May 2018

Switching from legal aid to CFA: Surrey v Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust

The issue of funding is often one which causes satellite litigation. Indeed, it may have been one of the driving factors behind the civil justice reforms. When the ideas of Jackson LJ were enshrined into legislation in the form of the Legal Aid... view

05 April 2018

E-Day arrives

By Claire Green, council member at the Association of Costs Lawyers The new form electronic bill, coming into force on 6 April, is “bound to save time and costs” and soon “people will be amazed that we had put up with the... view

03 April 2018

Incurred costs: Tucker v Griffiths and Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

In May 2017, Master Rowley handed down judgment in Stephen Tucker v Dr Rosemary Griffiths and Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, dealing with various issues arising as preliminary points in a detailed assessment. The case centred on an al... view

01 April 2018

Watch out for the mule …

In the recent case of Radford v Frade, Clair, Gheko Films SL and Gheko Films SUR SL [2018] EWCA Civ 119, the Court of Appeal has again had to consider a retainer between solicitors and the client. Notwithstanding the substantial quantity of mate... view

27 March 2018

Costs Combat

Francis Kendall examines the rising number of costs challenges against PI firms Law firms suing law firms over costs may appear to be the ultimate sign of a profession intent on eating itself, but there is suddenly a lot of it about. T... view