Telephone Mediation

For lower value disputes we offer 2 hour telephone mediations. The mediator “shuttles” between the parties making private calls and can also host joint teleconferences as and when appropriate.  Ideal for lower value claims or where geography makes a face to face mediation difficult.

Face to Face Mediation

Suitable for higher value cases and all solicitor and own client disputes. We offer three hour or full day mediations.  We cover the whole of the UK but parties will be responsible for providing a suitable venue.

Future Services

In addition to our mediation services we will be adding:

  • Early Neutral Evaluation

    Parties can obtain a preliminary non-binding neutral and expert assessment of the legal or factual issues relating to a bill of costs from one of our skilled panel of costs evaluators. 

    Parties can use the evaluation to assist in their further negotiations and help avoid protracted costs litigation.

  • Costs Arbitration
  • Industry Level Mediations

    Our panel have experience in leading industry level mediations involving predictable RTA fees,  success fees and claims portal fees.

  • Multi-Case Mediations

    Mediations which deal with a large volume of disputed cases in one meeting.

  • Mediation Representatives Training Courses

    CPD training for costs lawyers who represent their clients at costs mediations.

  • Mediation Observerships

    Opportunities for newly qualified mediators, or mediators seeking to meet annual CPD requirements to observe costs mediations.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings

A telephone conference meeting hosted by one of the panel mediators at which the parties’ representatives discuss the suitability of a particular costs dispute for any of the available ADR servic