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ACL Electronic Bill Roundtable Report

The electronic bill of costs is now a reality for many practitioners. To assess the progress made to date, in the latter part of 2019,  the ACL brought together leading judges, Costs Lawyers, barristers and solicitors from the frontline for a roundtable discussion. This ACL Special Report details the discussion, which paints a positive picture but lays out the challenges still to be overcome to fully establish this new way of working.

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Background to the ACL's e-Bill

The ACL's first e-Bill was launched in late 2016. Since then it has been tested in the SCCO under the e-Bill pilot scheme which ended in September 2017. During this time, many amendments were made to the Bill in order to make it more user-friendly and streamlined, for both the creation of the Bill and the insertion of points of dispute. 

In order to make improvements to the e-Bill, feedback from claimants and defendants has been considered as well as Masters’ comments provided on bills that reached assessment. 

The ACL Bill continues to evolve. The new version 21, which can be found here now incorporates a second Precedent H, a Pre/Post or Non budgeted column (which is calculated off the date of the costs management order) and a fix to the Precedent Q to bring it into line with the Practice Direction. Guidance on how to use the e-bill is now contained within the first and last tabs of the e-bill.

There have been a few other column changes simply to make the bill easier to read/use.

Please note that whilst the ACL Bill may be used for preparation of bills of costs, resale of the template itself is not permitted. Technical assistance is available to members of the ACL via the electronic billing technical team.

The ACL has made every effort to ensure this template is compliant and calculates correctly, however it accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of this template or guidance. The user is fully responsible for ensuring that the Bill of Costs submitted for assessment is compliant in all respects.

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