ACLT Regulations

ACLT’s Regulations contain rules and other important information about being a student on the Costs Lawyer qualification.

The Regulations are part of the formal contract between you and ACL Training. You will find references to the requirements of the regulations in various places in your student handbook.

The Academic and General Regulations must be observed strictly. They are set with the approval of the ACLT Education Committee. ACLT reserve the right to introduce new Regulations or amend the existing Regulations at any time.

Each section is available to view as a PDF document. 

Regulations from 2019

Chapter 1: General Regulations

Being a student, fees, contact details, absence and withdrawal. General polices. 

Chapter 2: Academic Regulations

Credit framework, studying with ACLT, enrolment,  registration, assessment  and awards.

Chapter 3: Assessment Regulations

General considerations, assessment, student responsibilities, cheating, assessment boards, disabilities, records, extenuating circumstances, and external examiners.

Chapter 4: Supervised Practice

Definition, qualifying employment, registration, attendance and engagement, process, assessment, records, plans and logs exceptions, interruption and deferral, change of employer, withdrawal, completion and moderation.

Chapter 5: Quality Assurance Framework