ACL responses to consultations

Fixed recoverable costs in lower value clinical negligence claims - January 2022

CLSB Consultation - Competency Statement - October 2021

LAA Civil Legal Aid Bills Consultation - May 2021

Rapid consultation on the impact of COVID-19 measures on the Civil Justice System  - May 2020

ACL Training's response to the CLSB Consultation: Continuing Professional Development  - January 2020

ACL's response to The Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation Interim Report - December 2019

Ministry of Justice consultation on extending fixed recoverable costs in civil cases - March 2019

ACL's Response to the CILEx Consultation on Regulation on new Education Standards - February 2019

CLSB’s consultation into the Costs Lawyer Competency Assessment (CLCA) - October 2018

(ACL/ACLT were not involved in the development of the CLCA)

CLSB’s consultation on the introduction of a Costs Lawyer Competence Test - June 2018

CLSB consultation on the practising fee - July 2017 

Lord Justice Jackson’s "Transforming our Justice System" consultation on fixed recoverable costs (FRCs) – September 2016

The department of health consultation into fixed fees in clinical negligence cases - May 2017

The Hutton Committee Consultation on the New Format Bill of Costs - September 2015