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21 January 2021

Accepting part 36 offer one day late allows party to argue liability for costs

A defendant that accepted a part 36 offer one day outside the 21-day ‘relevant period’ can then invite the court to consider its liability for costs and is not bound to pay the costs it would have faced had it accepted within the 21... view

21 January 2021

Court of Appeal reaffirms general rule of reserving costs of interim injunctions

The Court of Appeal has reaffirmed the general rule that the court should reserve costs where an interim injunction is granted, rejecting the argument that this no longer represented modern practice, which now required adherence to the ‘pa... view

21 January 2021

Party that effectively discontinued through amendment ordered to pay costs

A claimant that effectively discontinued a number of claims by a radical amendment to the particulars should have to pay the defendant’s costs of the abandoned cause of action, the High Court has ruled. RG Carter Projects sued CUA Pro... view

14 January 2021

ACL urges progress on previous GHR recommendation to up Costs Lawyers’ grades

The ACL has called for implementation of the 2014 recommendations that Costs Lawyers should be able to recover at grade B or C rates in the wake of the Civil Justice Council working party interim report on the guideline hourly rates (GHR), which... view

14 January 2021

Government gives way on taking legal aid costs assessments in-house

The Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland (pictured) has agreed to allow solicitors to choose whether civil legal aid bills worth between £2,500 and £25,000 are assessed by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) or costs judges while the LAA consults... view