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09 January 2019

Court can award some but not all of part 36 consequences, judge rules

The court can award some but not all of the consequences of beating a part 36 offer and should assess each against an injustice test, a judge has ruled. In a case where the 10% penalty under rule 36.17(4)(d) was far greater than the ma... view

09 January 2019

High Court slashes 65% success fee over judge’s failure to consider what was at risk

A district judge failed to consider the risks that a claimant solicitor should have taken into account when entering into a conditional fee agreement (CFA) and so was wrong to award a 65% success fee, the High Court has ruled. In NJL v PTE... view

09 January 2019

News in brief: 10.01.2019

CA refuses appeal over costs-only proceedings The Court of Appeal has refused to hear an appeal against the decision that a claimant is able to issue proceedings solely in pursuit of costs which the defendants had refused to pay in negotiat... view

20 December 2018

Bar for ‘significant development’ affecting budget “should not be set too high”

The bar for what constitutes a ‘significant development’ requiring revisions to a budget “should not be set too high”, a master has said. Master Davison said that, otherwise, parties preparing a budget “would a... view

20 December 2018

News in brief 20.12.2018

Membership renewal reminder The ACL sent out membership renewal notices last week. Members are reminded that payment should be received by 31 December. Any member who has not received their renewal notice should email enquiries@costslawyer.... view