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27 May 2020

News in brief - 28.05.2020

Court delays Judgments Act interest for three months The High Court has postponed the date from which interest should run on the Judgments Act rate for three months from the date of the costs order, in a case where there was a large bill with l... view

27 May 2020

Party can accept Calderbank offer on costs after hearing has begun, rules High Court

A Calderbank offer to settle detailed assessment proceedings can be accepted once the hearing has begun as it does not lapse at the start, the High Court has ruled. Mr Justice Morris, sitting with Master Haworth as assessor, said detailed a... view

27 May 2020

Underspend on budget phase “not a good reason to depart”, rules SCCO judge

Underspending on a budget phase is not in itself a good reason to depart from the budget, a costs judge has ruled in the latest lower court ruling on the issue. Master Brown in the Senior Courts Costs Office explicitly supported the de... view

21 May 2020

News in brief - 21.05.2020

How has Covid-19 affected you? The Costs Lawyers Standards Board (CLSB) has issued a Coronavirus Impact Survey to help it understand more about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting Costs Lawyers and their practices. The survey co... view

21 May 2020

“Persistent failure” to engage with costs management leads to court fees-only budget

A defendant that showed a “persistent failure” to engage with the costs budgeting process – leading to missing the deadline for submission – as part of a wider picture of default has seen its budget limited to court fees.... view