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04 June 2015

CCMS improvements “will make little difference”

Legal Aid Agency (LAA) “improvements” to the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) do not scratch the surface of the problems with it, the chairman of the ACL’s legal aid group has said. The LAA said it was acting to he... view

04 June 2015

News in brief 4th June 2015

Mediation in the sun This week is the closing date for members who want to book on the week-long costs mediation course taking place in Malaga from 21-25 September. The training will be delivered on behalf of ACL by the London School of Me... view

28 May 2015

High Court rejects bid to delay summary assessment

The fact that an unsuccessful party is intending to mount an appeal and to seek a stay of any order for costs pending the outcome of that appeal does not of itself amount to a ‘good reason’ for not making a summary assessment of cost... view

28 May 2015

News in brief 28th May 2015

‘New words, same effect’ in part 36 Despite the variation in wording between the old rule 36.10(5) and the new rule 36.13(5) and in particular the new reference to whether it was ‘unjust’ to disapply the normal costs... view

21 May 2015

Courts warned of “tactical” behaviour in defending wasted costs applications

Judges need to be wary of lawyers who behave “tactically” to create an artificial impression that an application for wasted costs is less susceptible to summary determination than is really the case, the High Court has warned. M... view