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10 March 2022

Costs judge considers correct time limit to challenge gross sum bill

The time limit to dispute the amount claimed in an outstanding gross sum bill is to be found in section 64(3) of the Solicitors Act 1974 and not section 70, a costs judge has ruled. Yasin v Whitmore Law Solicitors [2021] EWHC B30 (Costs) wa... view

10 March 2022

Court refuses to make costs order because party failed to apply for it in time

The High Court has refused to order costs on an appeal after the receiving party failed to apply for it by noon on the day before judgment is to be handed down, as required by the CPR. Mr Richard Farnhill, sitting as a deputy High Court jud... view

10 March 2022

Regional costs judge strikes out “broad-brush” points of dispute

A regional costs judge has struck out points of dispute (PoDs) over “an abject failure” by the paying party to particularise its objections. Deputy District Judge Harris in Manchester also found good reason for the receiving par... view

03 March 2022

Court of Appeal refuses permission to appeal costs-capping order decision

The Court of Appeal has refused permission to appeal a decision to refuse what is believed to be the first application for a costs-capping order (CCO) since budgeting was introduced in 2013. Lord Justice Coulson said that given his judgment... view

03 March 2022

News in brief - 03.03.2022

Jack Ridgway takes over as acting ACL chair after Claire Green stands down Claire Green stood down as ACL chair at last week’s council meeting. The council wants to put on record, on behalf of the entire Association, its gratitude at... view