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24 September 2020

News in brief - 24.09.2020

Employment tribunal makes record costs award An employment tribunal has made a costs award of £432,000 – including £111,000 for the costs of the costs proceedings, on the indemnity basis – believed to be one of the l... view

24 September 2020

Tax chamber of First-tier Tribunal has power to make non-party costs order

The First-tier Tribunal (Tax Chamber) has the power to make a non-party costs order (NPCO), a judge has decided in the first case to consider the issue. Golden Harvest Wholesale Ltd v Revenue and Customs (COSTS - application by HMRC for cos... view

24 September 2020

Part 36 offer technically made the day after it was dated “was compliant”

A part 36 offer that was technically made the day after it was dated was compliant with the rules, a High Court judge has ruled. But Mr Justice Pepperall said that, if he was wrong, neither the rule of de minimis nor estoppel could save the... view

17 September 2020

Lack of detail on incurred costs “not enough reason” to adjourn budgeting

A High Court master has rejected a call to adjourn costs budgeting on the basis that she did not have enough information about the incurred costs. Master Kaye also said there was no point in making a general comment about incurred costs if... view

17 September 2020

Leading defendant firm expresses concern over approach of GHR review

A leading defendant law firm has expressed concern that the data being requested for the review of guideline hourly rates (GHR) and the process that is being used “will lead to GHR being introduced that are fundamentally flawed”. ... view