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17 February 2022

CLSB settles wording of Costs Lawyer competency statement

The Costs Lawyer Standards Board (CLSB) is to begin developing new education standards and learning outcomes for the Costs Lawyer qualification after settling the wording of the new Costs Lawyer competence statement. Last September, the reg... view

17 February 2022

Rule committee: Part 36 offers cannot be made on costs of detailed assessments

The Civil Procedure Rule Committee (CPRC) has decided against allowing part 36 offers to be made in relation to the costs of detailed assessment. Last year, the CPRC’s lacuna sub-committee referred Master Leonard’s ruling in Bes... view

10 February 2022

Judge tells divorcing parties to ensure they apply for expert costs cap

Parties in divorce disputes must ensure the court is asked to cap a single joint expert’s costs before they are instructed, the High Court has said. Mr Justice Mostyn described this as “the moral of this unhappy tale”, at... view

10 February 2022

News in brief - 10.02.2022

SCCO warns about Court of Protection bills backlog The Senior Courts Costs Office (SCCO) has urged parties not to chase progress on Court of Protection bills, of which it now has a “significant backlog” due to staff shortages on... view

10 February 2022

Proportionate orders can undermine general costs rules, warns High Court

A High Court judge has warned that proportionate orders can “end up undermining the general rule that costs follow the event”. This was particularly relevant in complex commercial litigation, where any winning party was likely t... view