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12 December 2019

Costs Lawyers call for urgent review of guideline hourly rates

Costs Lawyers say there is an urgent need to review the guideline hourly rates, an ACL survey has found. The poll also showed continuing signs of improvement in solicitors sticking to their budgets and greater comfort with the electronic bi... view

12 December 2019

Court can order costs in foreign currency on summary assessment

The court has jurisdiction to make an order for costs in a foreign currency on a summary assessment, the High Court has ruled. John Kimbell QC, sitting as a deputy High Court judge, said the court must determine which currency most truly re... view

12 December 2019

Court warns over “chilling effect” of costs order in Children Act case

The parents of a brain-damaged girl who won a High Court battle to take her to a hospital in Italy have been refused the costs of contesting an application by the Barts Health NHS Trust to withdraw her life-sustaining treatment. Mr Justice... view

05 December 2019

100% success fee bid for Iraq War mistreatment cases fails

The law firm acting for Iraqi civilians who successfully claimed that they had been mistreated by British troops has failed in a bid to have the 100% success fee for the test cases applied to all the other cases stayed pending their determinatio... view

05 December 2019

Call for pre-assessment protocol requiring costs summary before full bill

A pre-assessment protocol for costs – which would require the receiving party to serve a costs summary – could help reduce the costs of the process, a new report has suggested. It also called on Costs Lawyers to exploit the poss... view