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18 April 2019

Issues need to stand out “starkly” to justify issues-based costs order, says High Court

A High Court judge has ruled that he should not make an issues-based costs order – despite their growing popularity – unless there is an issue “which so starkly stands out as being separate” on which the successful claima... view

18 April 2019

Poor conduct of local authority and guardian not enough to clear ‘no costs’ hurdle

The poor conduct of a local authority and children’s guardian were not sufficiently bad to justify a costs order in the type case where generally no orders for costs are made, the Court of Appeal has ruled. In January, the appeal cour... view

18 April 2019

Test to claim more than fixed costs in cases that exit portal is not ‘low bar’

The ‘exceptional circumstances’ test by which claimants whose cases exit the portal can claim more than fixed recoverable costs should not be a low bar, the High Court has held. Mr Justice Stewart was ruling in Ferri v McGill [2... view

11 April 2019

Matchmaker wins appeal against decision his actions led to former employer’s costs bill

A former employee of a matchmaking business has won his appeal against a ruling that he pay the costs the company incurred in defending a separate case it was claimed that he had encouraged in breach of his contractual obligations. Seventy... view

11 April 2019

Government ordered to pay claimant’s costs of CJEU reference it did not participate in

The government has failed in its bid to avoid liability for costs a claimant incurred in dealing with issues referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), where the UK left it to the EU to deal with those proceedings. The c... view