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08 August 2019
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News in brief - 08.08.2019

Time to vote

Members should have received their voting forms to fill the vacancy on the ACL Council. There are three nominees: Stephen Averill, Robert Cook and Kristopher Kilsby. The closing date for ballots is midday on 21 August. Contact if you have not received yours.


Provisional assessment ruling to be appealed

Master Leonard has granted permission to appeal his ruling in PME v The Scout Association which, as we reported last week, saw him reject an argument that authorised court officers have no jurisdiction to conduct provisional assessments, and that appeals from oral hearings of provisional assessments were not rehearings that allowed the parties to effectively start afresh.

The appeal has been granted in relation to the second issue. He wrote: “I remain of the view… that rights of appeal are limited to the issues addressed at the oral hearing and that the interpretation argued for by the claimant, to the effect that it is open to a party to re-open on appeal provisional assessment decisions not addressed at the oral hearing, is contrary to the overriding objective.

“It cannot, however, be said that the claimant’s appeal has no real prospect of success.”


Barclay joins Hailsham costs group

Theo Barclay has joined Hailsham Chambers’ costs group. Its head, Andrew Post, said entry was not automatic: to join, an applicant must have a minimum of five years’ experience as a practising barrister coupled with experience of, and an interest in, costs work.


Take a break

The newsletter is having a break next week and will be back in a fortnight.


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