New Bill Format working party

Date set up: September 2015 

Remit: To provide a response to the Hutton Committee Consultation on the Hutton Committee Electronic Bill. As part of this consultation, the ACL Bill was developed. Following this a technical team was established at the end of 2016, the remit being to answer queries and continue development of the Bill. This team is headed by David Wright.

Committee members:

  • David Wright (Chair)
  • Claire Green
  • Ken Corness
  • Bradley Meads
  • Tom Winyard

To read the response, which was submitted to the Hutton Committee in September 2015, please click here

Further remits of this working party have been to produce an interim e-Bill of Costs for the membership and wider costs community as well as to act on the memberships behalf with regard to the implementation of the new format Bill of Costs pilot scheme - PD51L - in to CPR 47.6 and its practice direction together with preliminary work on a new form N260.