Costs News


20 February 2020

Points of dispute must “determine precisely what is in dispute and why”

The Court of Appeal has upheld a decision by the Senior Costs Judge to dismiss overly generalised points of dispute (PoDs), laying out clear guidance about the need for them to help the parties and court “determine precisely what is in dis... view

19 February 2020

CFA without ATE invalid because obtaining cover was condition precedent

A conditional fee agreement (CFA) that made obtaining after-the-event (ATE) insurance a condition precedent was invalid because the solicitor and client failed to do so, a costs judge has ruled. Deputy Master Friston (pictured) also critici... view

19 February 2020

News in brief - 20.02.2020

GHR review moves closer A group of senior judges is considering a review of the guideline hourly rates “as a matter of urgency”, it has emerged. There is growing pressure to revise the rates – which have been in place... view

13 February 2020

Assessment of indemnity costs not constrained by budget, Court of Appeal says

The Court of Appeal has rejected the argument that a party should not be awarded indemnity costs because that would allow her to get away with substantially exceeding her costs budget. In Lejonvarn v Burgess and Burgess [2020] EWCA Civ 114... view

13 February 2020

Consumer panel backs CLSB’s blueprint for CPD reform

The Legal Services Consumer Panel has expressed strong support for the Costs Lawyer Standards Board’s review of continuing professional development (CPD). The CLSB’s consultation on its proposals closed earlier this month.... view