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25 June 2015

Costs woes for both claimants and defendant in JR case

The Home Office has made no application to recover its costs from claimants whose application for judicial review was rejected, after the High Court said the government’s procedural failures would make an order unlikely. Helen Mountfi... view

25 June 2015

News in brief 25th June 2015

Big week for the ACL Approximately 150 students on the new ACL course sat their end-of-year exams on Monday. Our best wishes to this group of hard-working Costs Lawyers of the future. Gove backs ODR Plans to introduce online dispute resol... view

25 June 2015

Warby: more costs control needed in defamation cases

There needs to be “a progressive acceptance of the need for greater cost control” in defamation work, Mr Justice Warby has said, while slicing 40% from a defendant’s estimated future costs. In Stocker v Stocker [2015] EWHC... view

18 June 2015

News in brief 18th June 2015

ABI calls for fixed costs in disease cases The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has called on the government to extend the fixed costs regime outside the claims portal to disease claims as part of its attack on the growth of noise-induced... view

11 June 2015

Judge sets £480 as top-end rate for crime silks

A High Court judge has set £480 as the “top end” rate for QCs handling criminal work and £240 for juniors, saying that, while they may be exceeded in another case, it would not be “by very much”. In Evans... view