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28 May 2015

News in brief 28th May 2015

‘New words, same effect’ in part 36 Despite the variation in wording between the old rule 36.10(5) and the new rule 36.13(5) and in particular the new reference to whether it was ‘unjust’ to disapply the normal costs... view

21 May 2015

Courts warned of “tactical” behaviour in defending wasted costs applications

Judges need to be wary of lawyers who behave “tactically” to create an artificial impression that an application for wasted costs is less susceptible to summary determination than is really the case, the High Court has warned. M... view

21 May 2015

Legal Ombudsman gives ‘no win, no fee’ deals cautious tick

There has been no evidence of a lack of transparency around either conditional fee or damages-based agreements, the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) has reported. In January 2014, LeO expressed concern about the use of ‘no win, no fee' agreement... view

21 May 2015

News in brief 21st May 2015

Have your say There has already been a strong response to the surveys the ACL is conducting as part of its reviews of costs management and provisional assessment. The working parties want as many members as possible to take part by the end... view

18 May 2015

LSB launches survey on legal regulation

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has launched a survey inviting views from anybody and any firm that has been in contact with one of the eight legal services regulators in England and Wales. They are looking to hear from consumers, regul... view