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07 June 2018
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News in brief - 07.06.2018

Frank Harkin passes away

Frank Harkin, who retired as an ACL member at the end of last year, died yesterday at home, after a short illness.

Born in 1953 and based in Cambridge, he was a qualified solicitor who retrained as a Costs Lawyer. He was hugely experienced, working mainly for public sector clients, including the then Treasury Solicitor and other major departments.

He leaves his wife Michele and their children Mathieu, Bernadette, Nadine and Dominique.


Jackson calls for costs budgeting in arbitration

Sir Rupert Jackson (pictured), only weeks into his new role as an arbitrator, has called for costs budgeting to tackle the “high level of costs” in arbitration, at least for lower-value claims.

Sir Rupert, back at his old chambers, 4 New Square, told an international conference in Mauritius that this year’s annual arbitration survey by Queen Mary University, published last month, found that two-thirds of respondents described the high level of costs as “the worst feature of international arbitration”.

He said: “I therefore invite people to consider the benefits of introducing costs budgeting/costs management into arbitrations, at least for lower-value claims. This regime, although controversial at first, now works well in the English courts.

“A mild version of costs budgeting already exists in maritime arbitrations under the LMAA Terms. Para 11 of schedule 2 requires the parties, after the close of pleadings, to complete a questionnaire. Question 15 asks for an estimate of costs through to the end of the reference. At the end of the case, arbitrators can take this into account when assessing recoverable costs.”


Loving costs on Love Island

A newly qualified solicitor at Just Costs has become the latest addition to the headline-making ITV2 show Love Island, it emerged today. According to The Sun, Rosie Williams – who qualified in March – quit her job without telling her employers what she was going to do. The newspapers said that she hoped her appearance on the show would change the public’s perception of lawyers, “which is apparently a more ‘glamorous’ profession than people may think”. She also said she intended to return to the profession.


Geoff Farmer   07/06/2018 at 12:08

Very sad to hear about the death of Frank Harkin who I knew for many years and worked with at the Treasury Solicitor and also Frank did some freelance work for me before I closed my practice. I lost touch over the last few years but Frank was a lovely man and very well liked. My thoughts are with Michelle and Bernadette at this difficult time.

Jan Gilmour   11/06/2018 at 20:54

Sad to hear about Frank Harkin - I knew him back in 1973 in Cambridge when I was a friend of his sister. I'm puzzled why his other children weren't mentioned. I remember Matthew , Nadine and Dominique as well as Bernadette. Condolences to Michelle.

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