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29 March 2022

A streamlined costs system would benefit all

It is striking how often the Gazette now runs stories about costs rulings from the courts. Of course, its journalists are living by the oldest newspaper maxim of them all – ‘follow the money’ – and know all too well that... view

25 February 2022

The Association of Costs Lawyers Annual Conference: the survey results are in

The Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL) held its first in-person conference since the onset of the pandemic last November. Whilst it was of course nice to actually converse with colleagues without them being on a screen, it also gave Costs Lawyer... view

09 February 2022

Keeping to the schedule

Ian Curtis-Nye reports on two cases involving failure to file a costs schedule Two recently reported cases have yet again brought into sharp focus the consequences of failing to file a costs schedule, and what the requirements are under the... view

02 February 2022

Attempting to recover the shortfall in solicitor and own client costs – a win for the consumer?

Background The case of BCX v DTA [2021] EWHC B27 (Costs) (16 December 2021) concerned a claimant who incurred a brain injury in an RTA. The case settled for £1.3million in damages and was an uneventful case with no issues regarding co... view

27 January 2022

Solicitor and own client disputes continue to keep Costs Lawyers busy

A large number of Costs Lawyers continue to see their practices boom amid more people challenging the fees they paid to their former solicitors, new research has found. Members of the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL) also support the Seni... view