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18 September 2020

Budget Departures

GOT A GOOD REASON OR NOT? Do not overlook the Indemnity Principle. Solicitors are required to advise clients about the costs in a case on a continuing basis. In a budgeted case, not only is there is a practical requirement to certify the bu... view

17 September 2020

Costs management: ‘Teeing off’ for the autumn

We have been living with budgeting and costs management for over seven years. There have been some unpleasant growing pains as practitioners have learnt the sometimes harsh reality of the significance of the rules and a failure to comply with th... view

03 September 2020

Innovating Costs

We are now a year into the compulsory adoption of the electronic bill of costs in most multi-track cases. Like any innovation that disrupts a long-established way of working, the early days have not always been smooth, and there will be tweaks n... view

18 August 2020

Costs Capping and Questions of Interest: Marbrow v Sharpes Garden Services Ltd

Costs professionals regularly received questions about certain aspects of inter partes assessments, such as the amount of recoverable interest and myriad issues surrounding costs budgeting. Most will have ready answers; however, there remain are... view

10 July 2020

Ensure your evidence, costs information and options from day one

As result of the new SRA Standards and Regulations issued in November 2019, which replaced the SRA Handbook, solicitors are required to comply with paragraph 8.7 of The Code of Conduct for Solicitors, RELs and RFL and paragraph 7.1 (c) of the SR... view