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29 June 2021

Budget revision due to “significant development” requires planning and forethought

Despite the prolific number of published articles providing help and guidance in relation to budgeting, cases still arise where it is necessary to be reminded about some of the practical measures that can be considered to avoid loss. Reasons for... view

28 June 2021

“Busy” costs lawyers see rise in solicitor-own client disputes

Half of Costs Lawyers are busier than ever as the legal market continues to recover from the depths of the pandemic, with former clients suing their solicitors a fast-growing area of practice, new research has shown. But the latest member s... view

23 June 2021

Costs Lawyers Kept Busy

Half of costs lawyers are busier than ever, a survey has found―with former clients suing their solicitors a fast-growing area of practice Some 46% of the 128 lawyers who responded to the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL) survey in May report... view

15 June 2021

LSB commends cost lawyers’ regulator improvements

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has published an updated assessment of the Costs Lawyer Standards Board’s (CLSB) regulatory performance, commending the CLSB for an improved performance.  CLSB regulates costs lawyers in E... view

29 March 2021

Sitting on the Fence

The Civil Justice Council’s guideline hourly rates (GHR) interim report, published for consultation in January, showed how it struggled to obtain evidence from lawyers.  We should not forget that in 2015, the then Master of the R... view