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12 January 2021

Plain Sailing Ahead? Revisions & variations: Adam Grant outlines how to adjust your approved costs budget

Some of the most common questions I get asked by my clients involve when and how do they go about revising their previously approved budgets during the course of litigation. These are never easy to answer given the ambiguities surrounding such t... view

29 December 2020

The benefits of Part 36: all or nothing or some?

As a Costs Lawyer one of the topics I like to bore my solicitor clients with is Part 36 and its wider implications. Used correctly a well thought through approach to Part 36 offers can see early resolution of disputes and considerable costs savi... view

24 November 2020

The costs dilemma in claims against multiple defendants

Success or no success - trial or summary determination? Whilst the general rule under CPR 44.2 is that the unsuccessful party should pay the successful party’s costs the court may make a different order. Further, the consequences of C... view

16 October 2020

Getting Technical

Francis Kendall outlines a case that marks a return to technical challenges of CFAs “The interests of justice require that the balance be struck between protection of the client's right to seek taxation and of the solicitor's right to... view

09 October 2020

GOT A GOOD REASON OR NOT? Do not overlook the Indemnity Principle

Solicitors are required to advise clients about the costs in a case on a continuing basis. In a budgeted case, not only is there is a practical requirement to certify the budget, a solicitor must be satisfied that the client is aware of the cost... view