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01 September 2013

NLJ - Plebgate

We can’t say we weren’t warned – just before the Jackson reforms came into force on 1 April, the Master of the Rolls, Lord Dyson, declared that parties can “no longer expect indulgence if they fail to comply with their pr... view

10 July 2013


A recent survey undertaken by the Association of Costs Lawyers suggests that solicitors are very vulnerable to costs challenges by their clients. It found that Costs Lawyers are more certain than ever that the post-Jackson era will see an increa... view

14 June 2013


It is an understatement to suggest that lawyers’ fees are under pressure and no more so than in litigation since the advent of the Jackson reforms. So why are solicitors willing to entrust the recovery of their costs to unregulated people?... view

01 May 2013


At a time of ever-greater competition, one of solicitors’ biggest selling points is that they are a regulated profession, with all the reassurance and protections that gives clients. This makes it all the more surprising that solicitors ar... view

29 January 2013

Henry v News Group Newspapers Limited Review

The Court of Appeal decision last week in Henry v News Group Newspapers Limited ruled that there was ‘good reason’ to depart from the previously approved costs budget of Baby P social worker Sylvia Henry in her defamation case agains... view