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21 February 2020

SRA Code of Conduct: costs implications for solicitors

Skimming through the SRA Code of Conduct for Solicitors introduced in November last year I am tasked with considering any costs implications thereof.  This is not something that I have had to consider before as knowing there was/is a code... view

17 January 2020

Guideline hourly rates: time for a review

The guideline hourly rates (GHR) are coming up to an unwelcome 10-year anniversary – the last time they were updated. This is not good news for solicitors. And the judiciary is finally taking note. In the recent case of Ohpen Operatio... view

10 January 2020

Taking Charge

David Cooper breaks down the costs ruling in Monex It is bewildering when it appears that what should be a fundamental and straightforward understanding of law and practice nevertheless generates arguments before the court, with a consequen... view

18 December 2019

Approval of budgets

With its introduction as part of the Jackson reforms in April 2013, costs budgeting was intended to be used as a tool to streamline the costs procedure in litigation, by active court management of parties’ costs from an early stage. In the... view

05 December 2019

Tough Lessons on Costs

It is always exciting when the Supreme Court gets its teeth into costs – it doesn’t happen all that often. And the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Travelers Insurance Company Ltd v XYZ [2019] UKSC 48 is a useful primer on no... view