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15 November 2019

The electronic bill of costs: friend or foe?

Anything electronic has always been controversial and can leave people feeling excluded. Certainly it seems that this is how the vast majority of practitioners feel when looking in on the new electronic bill of costs. Having spent a signifi... view

18 October 2019

Flight delay costs assessments: Senior v Blue Air

As another summer draws to a close we can all recall the newsworthy computer glitches and strikes which caused a great many flights to be delayed or cancelled, causing disruption and inconvenience to thousands of travellers. Naturally, with... view

01 October 2019

A question of honour

Francis Kendall looks at a recent case in which an agreement on costs was not binding. An agreement by solicitors to “honour” a costs budget did not amount to a binding agreement to limit their clients’ overall liability i... view

01 October 2019

Better budgeting

There has been a noticeable rise in the number of unhappy clients challenging their solicitors’ bills, particularly in personal injury cases, at least to judge by various rulings from the county court right up to the Court of Appeal (Herbe... view

27 September 2019

Costs count and courtesy matters

Costs Lawyers may generally operate behind the scenes, but a recent case in the Senior Courts Costs Office provides a useful reminder of our professional status and the important role we play in the resolution of costs disputes. In Allen v... view