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18 October 2021

Discovery Land Company LLC and others v AXIS Specialty Europe SE [2021]

It may appear tedious to keep the drum banging about proportionality and reasonableness, but it is important to understand these concepts whilst considering organic growth and development in costs law and practice. This is especially true with c... view

19 August 2021

Can’t pay? The court will make the order anyway. The march of the payment on account goes on.

The Debt Respite Scheme introduced as part of Covid-19 related regulations last year will not protect a party from being ordered to make a payment on account of costs. The parties to Axnoller v Brake have provided several judgments in 2021... view

19 August 2021

New guideline rates from 1 October as MoR gives go-ahead

New guideline hourly rates for civil justice will come into use from 1 October following the announcement that the master of the rolls has accepted changes recommended last month by the Civil Justice Council’s working group.  As... view

22 July 2021

Normal costs consequences (and beyond?)

All civil litigation lawyers tell their clients at the outset of litigation that (a) it is an expensive business and (b) the loser generally pays for it all. This is, after all, enshrined in CPR rule 44.2:  The general rule is that the... view

29 June 2021

Budget revision due to “significant development” requires planning and forethought

Despite the prolific number of published articles providing help and guidance in relation to budgeting, cases still arise where it is necessary to be reminded about some of the practical measures that can be considered to avoid loss. Reasons for... view