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17 January 2019

Solicitors “showing signs of progress” in approach to costs budgets

Solicitors continue to rack up costs in excess of court-approved budgets, but there are signs of improvement, according to a survey of Costs Lawyers. It also showed that judges have generally been keen to get on with using the electronic bi... view

30 August 2018

Solicitors and judges “unenthusiastic” about new electronic bill, say Costs Lawyers

Many solicitors and judges were not ready for the electronic bill of costs when it became compulsory in April and few are keen on it now, according to a survey by the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL). There are, however, small signs that... view

06 April 2018

E-Day arrives: Prepare for problems, Costs Lawyers warn

The electronic bill of costs becomes compulsory in the county court and Senior Courts Costs Office from today, and the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL) is urging solicitors not to ignore or be scared by the change, even though significant teet... view

11 December 2017

Fast-track and no further: Costs Lawyers issue verdict on Jackson fixed costs reforms

The government should curb Lord Justice Jackson’s recommendation to expand the use of fixed recoverable costs, limiting them only to the fast-track, according to a survey of Costs Lawyers. Some 155 members responded to the poll, carri... view

28 June 2017

Solicitors in peril following Court of Appeal ruling on costs budgets, ACL survey finds

Solicitors’ inability to stick to their costs budgets – as shown by the latest survey from the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL) – puts them at risk of significant financial losses following last week’s major Court of Ap... view