Qualifying as a Costs Lawyer

There are two elements to qualifying as a Costs Lawyer: completion of a level six academic qualification and a three-year period of qualifying employment. 


The trainee Costs Lawyer course is divided into three separate units: assignments, compulsory seminars and an end of unit examination. Students must complete each unit and attend all compulsory seminars before ACL Training will issue a Certificate of Completion for the course. 

Qualifying Employment

To achieve Costs Lawyer status you must undertake at least three years of relevant experience in costs law and practice before, during or after study for the Costs Lawyer qualification. 

On successful completion of the course and qualifying employment a trainee will have met the education and training requirements to become a Costs Lawyer. The trainee will then be able to apply to the CLSB for a Costs Lawyer practising certificate, under which they will be afforded the rights to conduct the following reserved legal activities under the Legal Services Act 2007: 

  • The exercise of a right of audience
  • The conduct of litigation
  • The administration of oaths.

Further information and details of how to to apply can be found here.