Regional Groups

ACL’s Regional Groups are geographical 'branches' and are a key part of the Council’s member engagement strategy. The Council actively encourages the establishment of these groups, to act as a focal point for discussion and feedback between the Association and the membership.


The purpose of ACL’s geographical or issues-based groups is for the professional and business development of group members via meetings and networking based on specific costs-related matters. Members of the group should comprise a majority of ACL members or students, although other costs professionals are welcome.

Branding/use of ACL as part of branch/group title

Regional groups affiliated to the ACL, rather than managed by the ACL.

Affiliated groups may use the term ‘ACL’ in their group title, and the ACL logo on their communications. 
Communications online and on physical media should comply with the ACL design guidelines. 

If you would like to set up a group in your area please contact

Support from the ACL

The ACL will provide support in the following ways:

  • Communicating with the membership via email, the ACL journal Costs Lawyer, website and e-bulletin as appropriate 
  • Providing design support 
  • Attendance by members of ACL Council and senior staff at meetings as required. 
  • Access to senior staff for advice on issues of marketing, administration, education and policy

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If any member is interested in setting up any other special interest group, please contact Diane Pattenden: