The Costs Lawyer Community

The Costs Lawyer community is an expanding and specialist branch of the wider legal profession


Full membership is restricted to regulated Costs Lawyers. Affiliate status is open to the the judiciary, barristers and solicitors, and other legal professionals who find that litigation costs is an increasingly complex and necessary field within legal services.

The ACL runs two main national conferences each year, one in London and one in Manchester, where most of this community meet to learn, network, and develop their understanding of the future of costs.  New regional groups are emerging, formed by members for members and non members alike, to act as local focus and CPD groups.

The ACL Legal Aid group has been active within the ACL membership for some time, and provides a wealth of specialist expertise in this highly volatile sector of law.  Recently they have been heavily engaged in the working party on CCMS development, and have expressed major concerns about this software platform, supported by the Law Society, LAPG, and others.