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LAA: Civil legal aid application forms: supporting guidance – Includes guidance on proceedings codes including wordings for civil certificates, as well as scope limitation codes/wordings.

LAA: Judicial review discretion pro forma – Pro forma letter for discretion to be paid costs on a paper (non-CCMS) certificate under regulation 5A(1)(b) (i.e. where permission is refused).

LAA: POCA forms for solicitors and advocates – Forms for solicitors and advocates to claim back legal aid costs for confiscation proceedings.

LAA: Claims paid out of the legal aid fund - The Criminal Cases Unit is responsible for assessing a range of claims paid out of the Legal Aid Fund.

LAA: Apply for legal aid for civil contempt cases - Includes CRMCLAIM11 form (not listed on forms page) and ASBCPA 2014 guidance (which includes billing guidance).

LAA: CWA Codes Guidance - Includes Civil Reject Codes, and both detailed guides for reporting Civil Controlled Work (a.k.a. ‘SPAN Guidance’) and Crime Lower Work.

CCMS Training site – Includes Quick Guides for using CCMS.

Legal Aid Handbook – The site aims to support and supplement the Legal Action Group (LAG) Legal Aid Handbook, flagging important changes and updates. Includes a very helpful LASPO Resources page.