What is a Costs Lawyer?

A Costs Lawyer is a qualified and regulated legal professional who specialises in the law and practice of legal costs

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We are the only branch of the regulated legal professions that have a detailed knowledge of and expertise in the field of legal costs. Whilst our services are predominantly sought by firms of solicitors, we are also regularly instructed by members of the public including businesses.

What do Costs Lawyers do?

  • Draft Bills and Schedules of Costs
  • Draft Points of Dispute and Replies to claims for costs
  • Assist in the preparation of costs budgets and advise on costs budgets presented by an opposing party
  • Advise on retainers and fee arrangements between clients and their legal advisors
  • Advise on and prepare claims for costs from public funds (Legal Aid)
  • Advise on disputes between solicitors and their clients
  • Act as costs mediators or arbitrators in costs disputes

Anyone wishing to qualify as a Costs Lawyer undertakes a three-year training course (equivalent to a degree level qualification) and has to have undertaken three years’ of supervised costs practice before being recognised as a Costs Lawyer.  Costs Lawyers are regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board (CLSB). The CLSB is overseen by the Legal Services Board (LSB). All Costs Lawyers are also required to carry professional indemnity insurance.

There is an ongoing requirement for Costs Lawyers to keep up to date with all developments in the area of costs law through ongoing training and professional development.  Details of seminars and events run by ACL to aid this can be found on the Events page