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21 January 2015

EL fixed success fees “do not apply” to members of the armed forces

Members of the armed forces are not employees and so employers’ liability claims they make are not subject to the pre-1 April 2013 fixed success fee regime, the High Court has ruled. In overturning two decisions of Master O’Hare... view

26 November 2014

“Too close to trial for costs capping,” says High Court

The High Court has refused to make a costs-capping order 10 days before trial, saying that the defendant had already spent so much that a detailed assessment was inevitable. Hegglin v Person(s) Unknown & Google Inc [2014] EWHC 3793 (QB)... view

09 July 2014

Costs lawyers have earned their long-awaited right to litigate, says Sue Nash

It is now more than seven years since costs lawyers were granted independent rights to conduct litigation and advocacy, but that fact is not stopping some other lawyers challenging their legitimacy. The evidence we have to date is anecdotal... view